The Domino Who Tips Others Into Failure!

When I read from the Bible that it was God who appointed Jeroboam to be king over Israel, I actually saw the other side of God’s love for His children at work. His appointment came on the heels of Solomon’s disobedience to God. Upon his appointment, God made certain promises to Jeroboam and invested in him so that he could lead His people to greatness.

Jeroboam did not live up to expectation. In fact, he was the first of the worst kings Israel ever had. He became the poster-king for all that went wrong in Israel. He became the icon who started the slide of a new kingdom into punishment and exile. The little phrase, “caused Israel to commit sin”, could be on his gravestone, as dozens of phrases like this in the books of the kings refer to the influence of Jeroboam.

The Bible recorded that God did not only make promises to Jeroboam, but He actually “invested” in him. One wonders what became of the divine investment in Jeroboam, as he later graduated into an advocate of everything bad and ungodly. His father Solomon had earlier allowed false religions to creep into the land of Israel, which made God to be annoyed with him. The appointment of Jeroboam was to address and correct the ugly tendencies of his father, but that was not done. He preferred the infamous way.

Jeroboam feared the people more than he feared God. In order to secure his throne as the king of Israel, he did the unthinkable – he served up the popular gruel of pagan religions that had re-entered the land, simply to prop up his own fragile self-esteem.

As God’s children, we are advised that whatever action we are to take must first of all be considered in the light of its impact on ourselves and that of others. Society can suffer or maroon in darkness for a very long time as a result of one person’s mistake. If you need a reason to give up drinking, or smoking, or lusting, or abusing, or swearing, or laziness, or marital strife, just look around you. Look at your kids. Look at your grandkids. You do not have to be the one to cause them to sin. You cannot afford to be the domino that tips others into sinful collapse, weakness, and disregard for the Lord.

Remember the promises of God for you. He did not only promise those things, but like He did to Jeroboam, He actually INVESTED in you. He invested in you more than He did to Jeroboam, and so you cannot afford to disappoint Him. He invested the life of His own Son, Jesus, on you. That means, He bought you with a price. Are you going to return evil to Him as a result of His investment in you?